Cryptocurrency Tax Import Tutorial (Cointracker+Exodus Wallet)

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Need to learn how to pay taxes on bitcoin?

Our video “Crypto Taxes and Bitcoin Taxes Explained” helps answer some of the most common questions when it comes to paying bitcoin and crypto taxes:

Easily organize your cryptocurrency taxes. Learn how to pay your bitcoin tax and other crypto taxes using Exodus Wallet and Cointracker crypto tax software.

Download Exodus for Mobile and Desktop here 👉

Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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  1. Quick question for Exodus: Does Exodus have the ability to do this tax action to another user wallet without them knowing?
    If Exodus users get tax audit do the users have to provide the information or does Exodus can export the users information themselves?

  2. Could I ask you question please: If I transfer BTC or ETH for example from Binance’us or Coinbase and sell into USDC or other stable coin, will IRS be able to see my transaction?thanks in advance, I appreciate it🙏

  3. Never get this wallet. Extremely high minimums, high fees and no customer support. There is no selling even though they say it on the app store description. Trading involves paying a network fee from a coin you don’t have so they expect you to buy that coin. This is never mentioned anywhere.
    Ask a question, you will never be answered.

    I tried buying $100 worth of doge and message said minimum is $418.
    I tried sending EOS and message said “my cpu resources are low.”
    I tried sending BTT and got the message “sending failed, contact customer support”
    I tried exchanging all coins for Tether so I can leave and I just get error messages.
    I’ve emailed them over 10 times and no replies just automated messages saying they are busy.

    So now I am leaving a review on every Exodus wallet YouTube video, review site and financial site I can find to get there attention and maybe then they can answer my emails.
    Once I’ve warned the public and get my money back I will stop. This is not a warning or threat just a promise.

  4. I have sent in 2 requests to Exodus, still no answer. Is there any way to print a copy of my portfolio with the corresponding list of holdings and % thanks. Also any way to brighten the tabs (prior to rolling over them with a mouse) very difficult to see. Font is too small and too light for people with Eye issues Thanks

  5. My Exodus wallet got hacked when nobody knew the passphrase except for me (also, I had made no transactions). The $2,500 worth bitcoins I had on my exodus wallet became 0, I contacted the support and they just sent me one email (which I think was auto-generated) and then, I was ignored. It has happened before to others too. Check this out:

  6. This is a scam… their using your personal information to havk you accounts, email, facebook and worst youtube accounts and they will ..claim ownership with all the monetary gains…

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