El Salvador Bitcoin News, Volcano BTC Mining, + Amazon going DeFi?

Crypto & Bitcoin news: El Salvador is the newest member of the Bitcoin network and they’re bringing Volcano mining power along for the ride. El Salvador is the first nation-state to adopt bitcoin as legal tender – and although no one has asked – what does the IMF have to say about it?

More LATAM countries signal political support for Bitcoin after El Salvador’s Bitcoin bill is passed.

Square and Blockstream venture into Bitcoin solar mining and Amazon is on the search for experienced blockchain and decentralized finance professionals.

El Salvador Bitcoin News, Volcano Mining, + Amazon going DeFi?, chapters:
00:00 El Salvador bitcoin news
00:59 El Salvador remittances and Bitcoin
01:52 The Exodus of LATAM toward Bitcoin & crypto
03:03 El Salvador Bitcoin & the IMF
03:42 Volcano Bitcoin Mining
04:54 Solar Bitcoin Mining
05:15 Amazon defi
05:45 Crypto News Closing

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El Salvador Bitcoin News, Volcano Mining, + Amazon going DeFi? With Kris Merkel



  1. appreciate for the fresh video! But could you share yar position on Continuum World? I'm looking for something interesting, and this game seems like exactly what i need.

  2. Need your thoughts on StakeMars. Can’t make a decision about them. I see it is actually interesting, farming STM, stake it for free BNB, get free BNB for holding… but I can’t decide about this stuff for sure. Help me please!

  3. I’m here for this!
    On that volcano mining bit: can anyone see them eventually working together with solar energy and renewable electrical energy using geothermal energy as a starting base?
    Because I can. It can only go up from here.

  4. Amazing how the IMF always thinks it knows what is better for people. El Salvador is capable of making its own economic decisions and it does not need any permission from an outside government or organization. IMF is the mafia.

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