Ethereum EIP 1559 explained, US infrastructure bill goes after crypto

This week’s Exodus Crypto News demystifies the Ethereum upgrade with an EIP 1559 update, reports on SEC Chair Gary GEnsler’s comments on crypto and the US Infrastructure Bill.

Crypto News: Ethereum EIP 1559 update, chapters:
00:00 Crypto News Intro
00:46 Ethereum News: EIP 1559 update + ETH price
03:34 US infrastructure bill and crypto
05:32 SECs Gensler on Bitcoin & Crypto
07:44 Exodus Shares & tZERO
08:13 Crypto News Closing

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Crypto News: Ethereum EIP 1559 explained with Kris Merkel



  1. Can you please add closed captions to your videos? As a hearing impaired (I am only partly deaf. I can still hear to a point) I have trouble listening to your videos without the captions. I have to replay parts of the video over & over until I understand it all due to missing parts of what's being said. Thanks. I'm not the only hearing impaired person out there interested in crypto. Thanks

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  3. The USA has just lost the crypto race if this bill goes through. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is embracing crypto. This bill will only kill crypto in the USA and will only temporarily affect the prices.

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