Exodus Wallet (desktop tutorial)

Take a journey with us into the world of crypto apps. This Exodus tutorial covers the features and apps inside of your Exodus wallet.

Whether you are looking for a user-friendly Bitcoin wallet, an Ethereum wallet that supports the most popular ERC20 tokens, or a multi-asset wallet that lets you manage the top altcoins, the Exodus wallet provides a secure storage solution with a built-in exchange feature that enables instant swaps straight from your wallet and 24/7 human support.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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SportX cannot be used in some countries and jurisdictions based on local regulations. Click here for a full list of currently excluded jurisdictions: https://support.exodus.io/article/1377-getting-started-with-sportx-inside-of-exodus-wallet#unavailable.

Information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Investing in crypto assets is speculative and carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the money that is invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Exodus wallet



  1. When will we be seeing CNFT intergration????? …just create an app that you can see all your cnfts/nfts attached to your wallet and options you can send and recieve them…thats what exodus needs now for the future since they are taking off!!!!

  2. I have a question. If someone sends Etherium to your Etherium Classic account in error and it is showing as sent from their Trust Wallet but not in your Exodus Wallet (Etherium and Etherium Classic) addresses, what can be done to help recover the funds for either parties?

  3. I just installed and successfully transferred a small amount of XRP from Coinbase to Exodus wallet. Easy, so then I tried to transfer the balance of my XRP from Coinbase four times and kept getting need valid XRP address. I used the one Exodus provided and checked it against what Coinbase received each time. Still, no go.

  4. Bonjour par erreur de débutant je m etais mis sur exodus mais helas il n y a pas la version française et je n arrive pas a m en servir ni pour échanger ni pour envoyer sur une autre plate forme serait il possible de m aider la dessus s il vous plais …merci

  5. Hello, I have an usolved quite big issue with my exodus wallet. I try to contact the support plenty of times and nobody get back to me (the last time you repled was the 24th of march)!

    PLease give me an email or a phone number or whatever where I can get in touch with you asap… I would not like to riconsider the good impression I built about during the time.


  6. Newbie here. Can exodus make it one stop shopping to buy and sell lots of cryptos? I'm on coinbase for starters, but coinbase doesn't offer a lot of the penny stock type cryptos – XRP, ZIL, DGB, Theta, etc… Hoping I don't have open twenty different wallets and accounts to get into the action. Thanks. I'm checking you out and Atomic and trying to get a feel for the pros and cons…

  7. Considering using Exodus wallet? Let me tell you that Exodus is completely unsafe! My Exodus wallet was hacked into and coins worth $ 5,500 were stolen. I am a tech guy and my computer is well protected. I monitor it every day and keep it safe from any spyware and malware. My password is very strong and used by me solely for the use of the Exodus wallet and I have never given it or revealed it to anyone. I was very disappointed to find out that my wallet had been broken into so easily – not to mention (and I dare say) that maybe it was an inside work. Be aware!

  8. I need a video on security!!!!! Don't tell me this is all relied on a backup phrase. I need to know how to set up phone passcode and email passcode. For example, If I want to withdraw coins, I want it to prompt for a text/email passcode.

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