Filecoin 2021 & FIL coin explained

Filecoin : Filecoin mainnet is a decentralized digital storage solution to help manage and optimize the world’s ever-growing data storage needs. Filecoin storage provides an alternative to centralized storage solutions by being more cost-effective, secure, efficient, and censorship-resistant.

00:00 Filecoin intro
00:36 History of Filecoin
01:53 Benefits of using Filecoin
03:13 How does Filecoin work
03:43 Use cases of the Filecoin network
04:09 FIL token utility
04:39 Filecoin Closing

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What is Filecoin FIL with Layah Heilpern
File coin



  1. Hello, I am a business manager of an internet company located in the UK. My name is Rowena Knowlton. Our main business area is value-added services of cryptocurrency. TRX is also a cryptocurrency. I found your video on YouTube, it's very suitable to promote with us

  2. Quando estudei o projeto fiquei tão impressionado com o quão promissora é a ideia é o quão desenvolvida ela já está que me pareceu no mínimo estranho não estarmos todos (na comunidade cripto) discutindo a importância e aplicações da rede IPFS e blockchain da filecoin e provável valorização do token FIL.

  3. As great as the tech in BTT and Filecoin it will never attract the masses. I know this because I have been using BitTorrent since 2004 and it has failed to ever gain mass adoption. Companies have shown such little interest in the BTT network even after Tron TRX purchased the tech. FIlecoin could be better in every way, but that will only be useful for enterprise applications. Right now, most of the market is retail so… it will just sit and be ignored. I love the tech and use it almost daily, but I have also been invested in its BTT token since 2019 and it is such a dud of an investment. Everything in my portfolio has outperformed BTT and Filecoin.

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