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Do you know that a student who has studied and graduated with good grades from a medical school in the United Kingdom, has more perks than other individuals out there? As someone who is studying a medical course in the U.K, you’re susceptible to easy accessibility to high-paying medicine jobs anywhere in the world, extensive knowledge acquisition related to medicine, different medical career opportunities and many other benefits.


Studying at any of the top medical schools we have in the U.K is definitely something that most medical students would have great aspirations for. If you are a medical student and you’re currently reading this, just imagine the idea of studying at an outstanding medical school abroad, sounds pleasing doesn’t it?


Attending a medical school like the Norwich Medical School which is based in University of East Anglia (UEA) is actually a blessing to you as it helps with becoming very much familiar with a large variety of health concerns that may be substantially different from the ones you’re used to seeing.


It’s also a known that learning and working in different health care systems actually gives you a very much unique perspective on conventional problems that has to do with medicine.


The whole idea of gaining immense academical progress in a place that has a top-class learning system with bountiful yields, is something that would always give medical students a reason to be eager for learning. Let’s not also forget about the various golden opportunities that awaits one who has a medical degree from a place like Norwich Medical School.


Come to think of it; you get an in-depth insight on several levels concerning how the human body works, you get a chance to be familiar with both old and new issues in medicine. You must also note that a medical career at somewhere like the Norwich Medical School requires you to have years of sacrifice, diligence and focus, which plays an important role in teaching you lessons about your ability to achieve goals and push boundaries.


Let us not sugar-coat the whole thing, studying Medicine isn’t actually a piece of cake and it regularly represents a big time and financial investment. This doesn’t remove the fact that the benefits are going to be worth it.


Medical jobs have remained of high-demand throughout time for a particular reason. It’s the fact that there’s always something unique when it comes to looking after other people’s health, helping them recover and begin living again.


All these mentioned above can only become a reality when one is fully invested in attending a medical school. Unfortunately, there are several students out there who do not have enough financial strength or ability to keep up with the study costs at most medical schools. Sadly, most of them have to shut down their dreams of studying at a medical school due to expenses.


The cost of going for an MBBS at the Norwich Medical School may cost a lot of money. This is where scholarships come in to help as there are several scholarship programs that have been set up to help students with their dreams of studying at medical schools. Some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you wish to apply for them, do well to visit the official website.


1. Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship

The Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship is an application based award open to those who hold an offer of study at Norwich Medical School – UEA. The panel sits on a regular basis with submissions of a high quality being offered £4,000 as a tuition fee discount. Successful applicants will be informed shortly after each panel.


This scholarship is​ designed to reward international fee status applicants who have been offered a place to study with Norwich Medical School – UEA and who can clearly and concisely explain how studying there will help them to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study as well as the wider community.


This scholarship requires you to be able to clearly and concisely explain how studying there will help you to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study and how they can contribute to the campus society.


If you are interested in applying for Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship, you can apply by CLICKING HERE.


2. The Difference Postgraduate Scholarship

The Difference Postgraduate Scholarship is available to home applicants who have applied for a place on any postgraduate taught course in any School or Faculty of study. A scholarship application is required. Students can choose to receive the funding as a maintenance grant or tuition fee contribution.


The type of course for this scholarship should be a postgraduate taught while the funding type would be as tuition fees and maintenance with a total value of about £5000.



Before you go ahead and apply for the Difference Postgraduate Scholarship, you must note that:

You are an Overseas fee-paying student. If the fee status changes during your course from Overseas to Home Fees the scholarship shall be discontinued.


You are in receipt of an offer to study at UEA at the time of your scholarship application.

Students sponsored for full tuition fees by an outside body or government organisation are not eligible for this scholarship. However, students applying for, or expecting to receive, government loans are eligible.


Want to apply for The Difference Post Graduate Scholarship? You can apply by CLICKING HERE.


3. The Medical Aspirations Scholarship

The Medical Aspirations Scholarship is available to applicants who have applied for a place on the MBBS Medicine or MBBS Medicine with Gateway Year course. All students who have attended the Medical Aspirations Residential course and secured their place will be automatically considered for the Scholarship.


The type of course is undergraduate (MBBS Medicine or MBBS Medicine with Foundation Year; must have attended the Medical Aspirations Residential). Funding type shall be tuition fees and maintenance with a total value of £37000 and an annual value of £9250.


To apply for The Medical Aspirations Scholarship, simply CLICK HERE.


4. The Value Of Medicine Scholarship

The Value of Medicine Scholarship will support two undergraduate Medical students, one Home fees and one International, at a value of £5,000 each. To be considered, you must be entering the first year of your medical degree in 2023.


Criteria includes:

Self Funded

Demonstrate genuine financial need

Household Income <£30,000

Norwich Medical School as First Choice

School/Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health, Medicine.

For more information regarding this, or to apply, do well to CLICK HERE.


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