Future of Supply Chain Management (VeChain, Waltonchain, ShipChain)

The future of supply chain management is being built on blockchain technology. And companies such as Vechain, Hedera Hashgraph, ShipChain, Waltonchain, and OriginTrail are leading the way.

Tune in as we define the problems with supply chain management today, the blockchain solution, and how this will help every one of us live in a more transparent and efficient world.

Welcome to Future Of Supply Chain Management

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Future of Supply Chain with Layah Heilpern



  1. I keep reading about VET, VET, VET, VET, and I held VeChain from around $1,75 to around $7,50 and left that sinking ship…unless you bought VET before September of 2017, you are underwater by as much as 80% 3 years later!, depending on whether you bought at $2 or $10, or anywhere in between. Still, the largest mcap of all supply chains by FAR, the price is still trading at September 2017 lows. After conversion from Ven to Vet, adjusted for supply expansion, the price of Vet is equivalent of Ven at $1,68, which is around August/Sept. of 2017.

    CCK, Sunny Lu and the Chinese Hustle sure knew how to market themselves and make people overpay AND acquire loyalty from the very people who lost shitloads of money! They even made people lock their nodes when the price was trading between $4,50-$5 for the so-called "node-bonus" because they realized people were dumping their coins hand over fist and had to do something to stop the exodus! Only problem was that the price still dumped to as low as $0,2 VEN ($0,002 VET) just March this year and all those early hodlers must have been in dismay over how such a great project could fall so hard! Must have been soooo good seeing that 16,000 VEN node (1,600,000 VET node) you bought for $80,000 at the lock-up suddenly have a value of only $3,200….I guess it's not that bad now at $26,000, yet it's still 60% underwater.

    Not saying you won't make money on Vet, but prepare to wait for several more years or even longer. to break even or even make money. Sunny got you all pretty good!

  2. Quién se esta quedando el valor de vet, el tojken de vechain, como puede ser con tantos socios buenos, el valor del token sea una shit. ¿Quién esta robando el valor de vet a los poseedores del token?

  3. VeChain is awesome!
    I'll keep asking:
    >Auto-updates for Linux
    >DOT and staking
    >Zilliqa staking
    >My BAND on Coinbase won't send to my Exodus address because the BAND on CB is on the Cosmos blockchain… apparently? So some compatibility there would be cool!

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