How to Back Up Exodus Wallet

Learn how to back up Exodus wallet with instructions for keeping your secret 12-word recovery phrase safe.

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  1. Being somewhat paranoid, when I wrote down the recovery phrase, I exited the app, deleted the Exodus config folder, restarted Exodus and then when prompted, I entered the phrase that I wrote down, to ensure the phrase on the paper does actually restore the wallet. Only then was I confident enough to store the paper away and start using the App!

  2. Can anyone clarify…if I have a 12 word seed phrase of a wallet and I bought a new hardware wallet which is asking for a 24 word phrase to back up, can that 12 word seed phrase be used or should I buy a wallet which supports 12 words phrase

  3. why is it so popular to retrive the 12-Word-Phrase with the same password you need to log in the app??? That is really unsafe. The 12 Words might be ultra safe but if you can view them with your maybe 8 key app password than it's not save. Other method or additional password would be nice.

  4. Hi, my pc died, and when I downloaded Exodus on my new pc and restored my Exodus wallet using my 12-word recovery (100% typed in correctly) its showing me a new wallet!! and not my old one with my original balance, I have synced it and waited 2 days but still no balance. This has happened to other people also. Please help : (

  5. I'd love for someone to talk about the risks of not having access to electricity or if/when the computer your wallet is installed on dies. Seeing as less than 1% of the world own crypto I'm not as worried about security as I am stability of hardware. I have an old Windows PC that my wallet is installed on but if lightning took out that hard drive, is it gone forever? It seems having a backup drive disconnected would be smart but nobody talks about this part.

  6. So I have the seed phrase properly set up and use my password for daily transactions. Now, I forget/lose my password and need to recover or change it. I would guess I do not want to use my seed phrase for that. How will Exodus handle the recovery of my password? Just by sending it to my email? Hmm…

  7. I'm wanting to put my 12 word recovery phrase into a steel wallet for maximum security. The ones that look easiest to use and also appear most sturdy/durable only allow for keeping the first 4 letters of each seed phrase word. They claim that with BIP39 standard this is all that's needed to regenerate the wallet… although they are citing this for use with hardware wallets and not software wallets like Exodus. In checking your info, indeed Exodus appears to be using BIP39 standards. So is it possible to also regenerate the Exodus wallet using only the first 4 letters of each seed phrase word or not? If not, do you have a steel wallet recommendation for Exodus?

  8. hi exodus, when I opened my exodus wallet.. I used face recognition to log in to the wallet. problem is, I changed my phone, then I uninstalled from the first phone. but my wallet isn't logging in on my new phone anymore. all my funds are on exodus. please help me SUPPORT. I don't have the 12 word recovery words. PLEASE HELP

  9. I have been trying to backup my wallet restoration for some time, however when I enter the application and type in the 12 secret words my balance is not updated. I have two chainlink coins, but they are not showing up. can you help me?

  10. What other wallets besides Exodus can the seed phrase work on? Just want to understand for the purpose of redundancy proofing it although I expect to use it indefinetly. And why don't you'll support Ledger?

  11. Is the algorithm to generate the private keys based on this 12-word recovery open source? E.g. if in 10 years Exodus and their Wallet software might not exist anymore, what do I do with those words?

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