1. I made an account to join the crowdloan but instead of clicking kusama rely chain I clicked all use on any chain, can I still use this for the crowdloan or do I have to make a new one with kusama rely chain?

  2. I had the Acala-Polkadot extension in Firefox, but my computer crashed totally. I now have a new computer, and fortunately I HAVE my seed phrase and password saved separately on paper. But how can I recover my account? Thanks.

  3. Quick question. When I go to send, it goes to the extension but the extension send address is the same as the recve address. How do you put for an example a wallet or exchange address there?

  4. Hi thanks for your video. I am new into all this. When i created a Kusama wallet. When i click on the "puzzle piece" (as you show within 40 seconds of your video)….i get a window saying "You currently don't have any accounts. Create your first account to get started*… However i have already created a kusama wallet before on polkadot.js extension (after downloading it for chrome). Can you please provide some guidance?
    thanks in advance

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