1. wish i had exodus… wish i could get habr on my ledger, as i am finding out need walla wallet then myhbarwallet then import keys and I get stuck, download phone app then goto myhbarwallet then connect ledger….WTH

  2. Hi, I need some information regarding safety of the Hedera account created from exodus. Since Hedera account can only be created from existing account, and exodus let's some other account user create account for me. My question is, since that user created account for me and gives me my menemonic and private key, wouldn't be already know them? How does my account remains safe when someone else is generating my keys?

  3. Hello. I read the written instructions in FAQs. I hate to sound stupid, but I do not understand the use of the term "import" in this context. Could you please define/explain in plain English? Thank you.

  4. Hi, I had Hbar on an Atomic wallet but now that you have it on Exodus, I went & trfd my hbar. I did as told by entering in the private key from the Atomic wallet & the total amount of hbar came to my Exodus wallet with the address but the hbar has not disappeared from the Atomic wallet & still showing as being there. Do I need to hide hbar on my Atomic wallet? Have I missed something? Thanks in advance Cheers.

  5. Hola… se necesita urgente versión con audio en español.
    Español es el idioma más hablado en el planeta, sólo después de otro que no es el inglés.

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