How to Set a Strong Password (Exodus Wallet)

Setting a strong password doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn how to set a strong password in this Exodus wallet tutorial and keep your Exodus crypto wallet and online accounts safe.

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  1. Does anyone know how to change the 12 word recovery phrase? I have a suspicion that someone took a snap of my password and recovery phrase. I changed the password, but I can't see where I can change the recovery phrase. Thanks!

  2. So what can prevent exodus from showing the original amount stored but also prevents you from withdrawing the amount and it says you do not have that amount with it shows ? Is the something wrong with the wallet why is it glitching?

  3. *BE CAREFUL* Exodus lost a transaction I made to another wallet.

    Support asked me for transaction ID and never responded again to my mails.

    my money is gone! worst support ever!


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