How to set up your Trezor wallet

Got a new Trezor hardware wallet? Learn how to set up your Trezor wallet quickly and easily with Exodus. Manage and exchange your Trezor held crypto in the most secure way. Trezor Model T and Trezor One are compatible with Exodus.

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  1. If I already have a trezor davice connected to exodus, setting up a new one will cause no problems? Will i be able to view on my computer and on ios (view-only) both of my Trezors devices and also my “normal” exodus portfolio ? (Total 3 portfolios on the mobile/desktop app?)

  2. jaiks your explanation is too fast, to follow for this slow brain, you should if I may say where to get the device option I saw by fluke the icon mouse move to the top to click on the device, sorry I'm a newbie, but the detailed explanation is key to me, Thank you for the effort, utmost appreciated.

  3. Why would I want a link to another wallet, when all I have to do is SEND crypto from one address to another of the same crypto? To me, it's just another hole for hackers. I am looking for a COLD Storage wallet.

  4. If I transfer 1 bitcoin at $60k (as of this writing) and bitcoin increases 5 years to 100k will trezor know I purchased my bitcoin at 60k? I ask because I just read now "whales are moving on" from a bitcoin news article where a single entity transferred 10,000 btc acquired in 2003. I got to thinking how or who keeps track of his purchase price back in 2013. I'm sure the blockchain does. Would it be whoever broker he used? Maybe he used coinbase? I dunno. But I want to get this trezor wallet since it's suppose to be one of the most secure physical wallet. Like today I will be buying $5000 of bitcoin and plan on holding on to at least 5 years. I want to come back and be sure that someone kept track of my purchase price (will trezor do this??? Is the question, really). So when I dig out my trezor from my hole in the ground (metaphorically speaking, of course) and decide to sell. I hope I make sense.

  5. When private keys are created in hidden files, should I be concerned to have computer experts work on it ? I mean, are the hidden files of private keys secure?

    I have a trezor one.

  6. *BE CAREFUL* Exodus lost a transaction I made to another wallet.

    Support asked me for transaction ID and never responded again to my mails.

    my money is gone! worst support ever!


  7. If I already have an exodus account with a password and 12 word recovery phrase, will I get a separate password and recovery phrase for my Trevor as well? Or will they share the same password and recovery phrases?

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