Intro to Crowdloans and Parachain Auctions on Polkadot & Kusama | Hosted by Acala & Karura

02:49 – Intro to Polkadot & Kusama
11:25 – Crowdloans & Parachain Auctions
18:54 – Candle auction details
25:02 – Intro to Acala & Karura
36:15 – Why participate in parachain auctions?
43:37 – New Karura website
47:29 – Q&A

Bette Chen:
Dan Reecer:

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  1. Hey. Very nice vid, thanks for the explanation. I have a question regarding the parachain auction. You said that auctions will probably be held every 2 weeks. Does this mean that every two weeks one parachain will be added to the relay chain? As i understood the first goal would be 100+ chains for Polkadot but this actually means 200 weeks – 4 years? Isn`t this a little bit to long? Or am i missing something? Thanks for clarification.

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