Intro to Polkadot, Kusama, Acala, and Karura at the DeFi & Polkadot Chicago Meetup | Dan Reecer

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  1. Hello could you tell us something about Polkadex I think it will be the next big DEX of the future like binance or uniswap and it is also from the polkadot network.20M Marketcap. Mobile app will be available on AppleStore and GooglePlay in September. Thanks for your video…Please answer if it's a good one..😃…o

  2. I need to understand more about this liquidity mining and liquid staking, maybe you could do a video on that? If I don't understand it than I'm sure at least 1/2 the investors don't! Everyone i have talk to thought we would be able to stake our kar tokens!

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