Karura Community Call, 11 Aug 2021 | Karura launch updates, open Q&A

Learn more about Karura at http://acala.network/karura and other channels 👇
01:59 – Report on current Karura stats (dashboard coming soon)
04:45 – Trading Volume on Karura
05:49 – Update to Liquidation Ratio, Gauntlet recommendations
09:42 – Financial Council, Governance Proposal
15:35 – LP Risk Mitigation
22:26 – kUSD Stablecoin peg
26:37 – Q&A – LKSM vs KSM/kUSD liquidity pool
28:57 – Q&A – More stable assets on Karura
33:19 – Q&A – Rewards on Karura Swap
35:25 – Q&A – UI Improvements
38:50 – Q&A – Liquid KSM feature request
40:17 – Announcing the ‘Build Acala: Ready the Treasury’ event

đź”— Links mentioned:
1. Gauntlet: https://gov.gauntlet.network/karura
2. Karura governance discussion: https://acala.discourse.group/t/lowering-liquidation-ratio-and-min-collateral-ratio/243
3. Acala Email Signup: https://aca.la/acala-karura-newsletter
4. LP Returns & Risks: https://wiki.acala.network/karura/defi-hub/swap/lp-returns-and-risks
5. Stability mechanism & Liquidation: https://wiki.acala.network/karura/defi-hub/kusd-stablecoin/stability-and-liquidation/liquidation
6. Token event Q&A: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/build-acala-ready-the-treasury
7. ‘Build Acala: Ready the Treasury’ token event info: https://info.acala.network/

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  1. The question at 40minutes, it would be nice to have some clarity on this in the next community call. Because if you are providing liquidity to LKSM-KUSD pools, as an LP provider for this pool, it is unfair that they get to skirt the impermanent loss risk factor from not staying in the higher risk pool. This is something in which I have taken into account when providing money as an LP. Disclosure should have been provided before the release of the pools.

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