Karura Community Call, 13 Oct 2021 | Karura, LKSM, and Liquid Crowdloan DOT (lcDOT)

Learn more about Karura at http://acala.network/karura 👇
✔️ Agenda:
00:18 – Karura runtime upgrade
03:58 – More on XCM cross-chain transfers
05:00 – KSM Liquid Staking (LKSM) redemption
10:46 – Upcoming parachain asset support
14:25 – Unbond Your DOT now to support the Crowdloan
16:00 – Bonus for Karura Crowdloan supporters
18:00 – Introducing Liquid Crowdloan DOT (lcDOT)
21:09 – Q&A – Polkadot Parachain Auctions begin Nov 11
24:35 – Ways to contribute in the Acala Crowdloan
27:17 – Q&A – Advanced use cases for lcDOT
34:20 – Q&A – Potential economics for lcDOT

🔗 Links mentioned:
1. Karura Dashboard: https://stats.karura.network/
2. Runtime Upgrade: https://acala.discourse.group/t/20-runtime-upgrade-restore-crosschain-functionality/369
3. Polkadot auction announcement: https://polkadot.network/blog/polkadot-is-ready-for-parachains/
4. The Acala Crowdloan starts soon: https://acala.network/acala/join-acala
4. Join the Discord for future calls: https://discord.gg/6QHVY4X​

All Acala Channels: https://linktr.ee/acalanetwork​
All Karura Channels: https://linktr.ee/karuranetwork

Bette Chen: https://twitter.com/bettechentt
Bryan Chen: https://twitter.com/XiliangChen
Dan Reecer: https://twitter.com/danreecer_
Robin Whitney: https://twitter.com/RobinWhitney_

Apps: https://apps.karura.network/
Discord: https://discord.gg/6QHVY4X​
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaruraNetwork​
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/karuranetwork​



  1. Can I convert my acala/lcdot into an NFT and sell it to someone else at a higher price who missed out on the crowdloan? The acala NFT being offered to participants might in time be worth more than the entire dot loaned and acala rewards…lol

    Or you could have sold positions in the acala crowd loan as nfts granting the owner this many acala tokens, nfts, etc.

    Participants could then resell these nfts with maybe a 3% kickback to the crowdloan to those interested in the crowdloan who missed out.

  2. Good to see the progress and that karura/‘Acala is rewarding then community. Thank you for spending the time, effort and resources to build a strong and committed community. Also looking foreword to trading RMRK on Karura and hoping for Acala NFT for crowdloan participants.

  3. How can you buy back your LcDot after selling it? Will there be an exchange to do this? Say I contribute 100 DOT and get 100 LcDOT. Then I convert that to aUsd and buy more DOT. I invest that DOT into say Moonbeam crowdloan. 2 years pass by, I get my Moonbeam DOT back. How and where to do I sell my DOT for LCDOT so that I can take that LcDOT and reclaim my Acala staked DOT?

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