Karura Crowdloan, Liquidity Mining, and Roadmap | Kusama Parachain Auctions Community Q&A 18-May-21

2:23 – Intro & Agenda
3:15 – Kusama
5:25 – Karura’s Path to Launch on Kusama
7:30 – Karura
16:23 – 3 Ways to Participate in the Karura Crowdloan
17:28 – Karura Crowdloan Rewards
18:28 – Distribution
20:31 – Karura Liquidity Mining Program
29:10 – Q&A

Learn more about Acala at http://acala.network/​​ and on our social channels 👇
Learn more about Karura at http://acala.network/karura

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All Karura Channels: https://linktr.ee/karuranetwork

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