KSM Liquid Staking Launch Party with Blockdaemon – 28 Sep 2021

Stake KSM on Karura and earn rewards during the Liquid Staking Splash liquidity mining program: https://wiki.karura.app/liquid-staking/incentive-program
Visit our Liquid Staking guide: https://wiki.karura.app/liquid-staking/liquid-staking-guide
For more on KSM Liquid Staking: https://medium.com/acalanetwork/acala-launches-first-liquid-staking-product-for-polkadot-kusama-in-partnership-with-blockdaemon-5258546c2483

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  1. Thanks for the video it helped a lot. There is quite a bit that you can do with Karura already and this gave me the confidence that I was understanding correctly.

    On a separate topic. I love the crowdloan NFT and hope you distribute others as we tick off these historic milestones. Those NFT’s immutably show that we were here at these key points. I know it takes some effort but it really helps motivate your community. Something I hope you will consider.

    Keep up the great work!

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