Liquid Staking for KSM (LKSM) with Karura | Liquidity for Staked Kusama

Stake your KSM for LKSM to earn rewards without sacrificing liquidity. LKSM is unlocked and ready to trade, take out collateralized loans, and provide liquidity for additional yield.

Stake any amount of KSM and unstake without the wait.

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  1. That’s a cool idea of staking on Karura, it makes easy for normal untechnical DOT/KSM holders to stake their assets without worrying about slashing and choosing validators/nominators on polkadot{js} app, not to mention about minimum requirements and binding periods. I am excited to stake here when it is ready. Can you please explain about its security and interest rewards comparing to other Centralized and Decentralized EXchanges? Thanks

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