Live With Acala: February 24, 2022

Live With Acala: February 24, 2022

Join Acala Co-Founder Bette Chen and Chief Growth Officer Dan Reecer for an informal update on Acala’s launch process and open discussion an upcoming proposal for the Acala Dollar aUSD Stablecoin.

2:12 Stablecoin background
4:00 Multichain bootstrapping
7:30 Where is Acala today and why build a stablecoin?
11:35 Polkadot’s future
13:41 Current state with two stablecoins
14:51 2 Stablecoins, 1 protocol
16:30 Fragmented liquidity, one stablecoin
19:22 Acala Dollar is a lever
20:20 Beginning of the aUSD journey
22:15 Importance of a Substrate native stablecoin
24:00 Reserve assets
25:30 Rationale for aUSD design
27:19 On-chain liquidation
28:31 Quality of Service oracle price
31:00 Proposal for kUSD and aUSD union
34:00 What happens if I am holding kUSD?
38:00 What happens next?
41:30 How does the DEX support aUSD?
43:29 How does liquid staking support aUSD?
44:00 How does the EVM+ support aUSD?
45:30 Acala and Karura Governance
48:50 Acala and Karura Treasury
52:30 Summary
53:30 Will Acala have its own wallet?
54:30 ACA staking updates

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