MakerDAO Explained: Maker Coin MKR & DAI stablecoin

MakerDAO explained: Did you know that Maker is still the no.1 most valuable DeFi platform on the market? Learn more about MakerDAO as we dig into the use-cases of the Maker coin MKR and native DAI stablecoin.

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Maker Coin and MakerDAO Explained with Layah Heilpern



  1. What is the use of a 'stable' DAI to Dollar relation, when the FED can inflate the amount of Dollar on their own terms? Wouldn't this mean that the 'DAI-Dollar' constantly looses its purchasing power? Why would anyone back such a currency system with real expensive values when the outcome is just another name for Dollar? The 'real thing with value' would then only be the MKR, but never the DAI. Is this the point of the whole system? 🤔 But if so, then a DAI should be worth a DAI, not a Dollar … 😵🤯

  2. I feel like I'm missing something but one thing I seriously don't understand is why would people essentially trade maker for dai at a 1 to 2/3 ether to dai conversion? At least I think you can't have more value in dai than the ether/maker you back it against? Plus I'm pretty sure you have to pay interest on it too so I'm really confused why people don't just use maker directly?

  3. Y’all out here looking at the price of bitcoin you should channel your energy into learning to trade/invest in it currently my crypto has been on a rise learning how to trade/invest services for the past few months

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