Monero Explained with Layah Heilpern

Monero XMR, the king of privacy coins. In this Monero review, we answer the question “What is Monero?” in simple terms.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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Monero Explained with Layah Heilpern



  1. It sounds logical. It would be good solution to the Fiat fiasco, but Monero is seen as dark web currency by the mainstream. And will be attacked if it ever takes off. Call me a cynic

  2. I truly love the concept of Monero. It is what Bitcoin was designed to be. But don't underestimate Bitcoin. It is not completely private yes. Thanks to a swamp scum government and special interest. But, there are wallets strictly for Bitcoin that have some pretty cool features that can make any transaction private. There are people out there aware of what is going on just as monero is. These people are stepping up to the plate to keep Bitcoin what it was meant to be. I have one of these wallets. And I'm really enjoying it. And it's pure patriotic American ingenuity. Got to love it 😊😊😊😊

  3. I am new to Crypto. DOes this mean that if I pay someone from a standard wallet or an Exodus wallet, that the transaction is 100% private? Or do you need a special secret wallet to keep the transactions private?

  4. What's with the censoring of the name in the beginning?
    It said "Kris Merkel", but that's not her. So am I correct to assume he was supposed to talk in the video but then plans changed and someone forgot to change the name-plate?^^

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