NEM Coin 2021 (XEM & XYM)

NEM Coin 2021 (XEM & XYM): NEM stands for New Economy Movement, and is a blockchain platform for smart contracts and asset creation. In this video, we explain the NEM project, the new Symbol blockchain, and the difference between the XEM and XYM tokens.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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NEM Coin 2021 (XEM & XYM) with Layah Heilpern



  1. All coins that have a badd taste wil pump like crazy in the end. Look at doge , look at xrp SEC news ,and still pumped like crazy suddenly to almost 2$ so dont be fooled, buy those coins that have bad news , buy those dips on those coins because the bad news is most of the time a trick to get the price down of a good project

  2. Considering using Exodus wallet? Let me tell you that Exodus is completely unsafe! My Exodus wallet was hacked into and coins worth $ 5,500 were stolen. I am a tech guy and my computer is well protected. I monitor it every day and keep it safe from any spyware and malware. My password is very strong and used by me solely for the use of the Exodus wallet and I have never given it or revealed it to anyone. I was very disappointed to find out that my wallet had been broken into so easily – not to mention (and I dare say) that maybe it was an inside work. Be aware!

  3. After Symbol (ex Catapult) update NEM and XYM have nothing to jealous from any other smart coin around. The future is bright and XEM with XYM the dominant players.

  4. Exodus the crooks of the crypto wallet, anytime a coin pumps they lock it up, so you can't move your money out, I've been screen shoting and time stamping everytime they do it. ADA is about to be listed on coinbase and it started pumping, what do u know exodus locks people out. This will eventually catch up with them as I pass the info along to anonymous group

  5. Don't tell us whats XEM please you have to ask us whats XEM
    XEM is a fake cryptocurrency thaf 4 days ago price 0.75 but about 7 hours lost %60 price now 0.37 so don't cheat people tel people give up XEM if you still didn't bought don't buy but if you were brought Be Patient .. actually we know whats XEM not you I lost %50 of my money in scam XEM

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