Polkadot Bridging Crypto to the Real World with Acala VP of Growth Dan Reecer – Mainnet 2021

Mainnet 2021 was Messari’s annual summit held in-person and remote. This year’s conference took place in New York City and featured over 200+ speakers and 1800+ attendees from around the world.

This session features Acala, Blockchange, and Nodle in a discussion about Polkadot and parachains.

Dan Reecer: https://twitter.com/danreecer_

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  1. It’s already been said , but excellent video ! The effort you put into the production was well worth it , it was entertaining from start to finish can’t wait for the next one. Great job 👏👏.

    Regards to Mr. Joseph Watson for aiding my crypto portfolio increase.

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