Polkadot vs Cosmos Cage match (DOT vs ATOM)

The fight for interoperability! Polkadot vs Cosmos, DOT vs ATOM; ATOM vs DOT – who will win?

The paths they take may be different, but they both share the same aim: to provide connectivity across blockchains in a new multi-chain reality. From security models to network effect, we hash out who might come out on top – the Polkadot ecosystem or the Cosmos Network

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Polkadot vs Cosmos withKris Merkel& Davey Z



  1. I also get the impression Polkadot focuses on tokenomics which helps to boost its price, but Cosmos Atom says, let's focus on interoperability+functionality and let the coin find its value by itself without artificial boosting.

    I believe ATOM's value will show itself much later, as its ecosystem matures, and mainly from its value for control of network governance, rather than tokenomics/gas burning.

  2. Cosmos has superb UX, all the Cosmos coins I've used share similar UIs. I've tried over half a dozen and they all work very similarly to each other. Greatly reduced learning curve. Figure one out, and you already know 80-90% of how other coins work.

    Is it the same for Polkadot networks? I've only fiddled with DOT itself so far.

  3. Cosmos technology wins, but Polkadot will win on earnings in the end because of back-room deals and because Cosmos dropped the ball in promoting their own coin. Cosmos is only as big as it is today because it gave away the Cosmos SDK for free. That being said, I own both and expect that there is room in the market for both companies. Polkadot will pump as soon as the para-chain auctions start locking up DOT.

  4. The best plus for Cosmos is interblockchain independence. For a decentralized network to be truly decentralized, its governance for interoperable blockchains must be independent to their user base.

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