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Hey there, have you heard of U.K’s University of York? If no, do well to stick with us on this comprehensive article because we’d want to counsel you on how you can study at this university with ease. This article is especially for those that wish to go for postgraduate studies at a creditable university like this.


Furthering your studies somewhere like the U.K. is something that lots of students out there have anticipations for, considering the fact that it harbours some of the greatest, prestigious universities we have in the world. The University of Manchester, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford are just few out of many other stellar universities we have in the United Kingdom.


The institutes of learning mentioned above are, with no doubt, the very best when it comes to classifying top-quality universities. Nonetheless, the University of York always seems to significantly stand out. Just so you know, this wonderful university is also known to be one of the most creditable universities in Yorkshire, England and also the whole of U.K.


If you are reading this right now and you wish to gain a postgraduate degree at the University of York, this article will be of immense benefit to you. You may be asking questions concerning study costs or how you can tackle expenses at this university but worry less, because this article is here to offer the help you need.


But just before we explore any further into details, let’s talk on why, as an aspiring postgraduate student, you should pick the University of York as a place to further your studies.


Why Study at the University of York?

The University of York is a public research university in Yorkshire, England, that has always been known as an admirable university with brainy students, high standards, talented tutors and many impressive feats that keeps it atop. Since its establishment way back in 1963, this wonderful university has trained produced lots of successful individuals.


Currently, the University of York harbours about 20,000 students and over 5,000 of them are postgraduate students in different disciplines. With these and many other astonishing feats that comes with studying at this university, we can say that if you become part of these students, you would feel a positive impact on your educational status.


This university is amongst the most welcoming and largely recognized universities in the United Kingdom and also around the world. QS placed York at 162 for 2023 and the Times Higher Education ranking for 2023 was 139. All three major national rankings place University of York in the top 21, with The Times placing it at 17, The Guardian at 21 and The Complete University Guide at 20 for 2023.


University of York has been known to be one of the top universities that students always go for when it comes to furthering their studies. The sad issue here for some of the aspiring students is that financial hardship is one huge hazard to their education. Due to this and many other financial-related problems, most of these students unfortunately have to terminate their dreams of studying at a university like this.


If you are a student who wants to study at the University of York but you do not have enough financial aid to tackle costs for accommodation, tuition and other expenses related to studying, there are several scholarships to assist. With these scholarships, you can now get the chance to go for their postgraduate courses without worrying much about expenses.


If you are reading this now, you should be very much interested in the scholarship programs that the University of York has to offer. If you are an aspiring postgraduate student whose wish is to study at this university, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


1. York Futures Scholarships

Thanks to the charitable support of the University’s alumni, the York Futures Scholarship programme is designed to enable students to take full advantage of the many professional and personal development opportunities available to them.


Study abroad, work experience, placements and extracurricular learning; activities that build your readiness to find, compete for and secure the career options you want are all eligible for support. Full time integrated Masters students may apply for all levels of funding (£250, £1,000, £3,000 or £6,000).


Full time postgraduate taught students may apply for three levels of funding (£250, £1,000, and £3,000) All £250, £1,000 and £3,000 scholarships should be used during the same academic year (or summer vacation), while £6,000 scholarships are to be used the following academic year.



Before you go ahead to apply, you must note that:

Only integrated Masters students taking up an eligible activity (such as a year abroad) may apply for £6,000


Postgraduate students should seek approval from their academic supervisor before applying for £3,000 scholarships, as summer international opportunities fall within term time for postgraduate taught students.


The application form will ask you about your personal circumstances, your previous engagement with extra-curricular activities and your plans for the funding.


Applications are competitive and awards are allocated firstly on the basis of the student’s need, and then on evidence of their commitment to personal and professional development.


Evidence of commitment might include taking on responsibilities through colleges or societies, going through the York Strengths Programme or taking up paid or voluntary experiences.


To Apply for the York Futures Scholarship, CLICK HERE.


2. Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

Bursaries of up to £5,000 a year are to be awarded to U.K. university students, who are in financial need and have a parent/spouse or are employed themselves, as a pharmacist, commercial traveller or grocer.


However, the amount that you receive depends on your financial need and the total amount of funding available for distribution each year.



To be eligible, you must:

be studying for a full-time postgraduate degree at a recognised UK university;


be the child, spouse, widow, widower or personally employed as a commercial traveller, pharmacist or grocer, and;

be in ‘financial need’.


To apply for Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust scholarship, CLICK HERE.


3. Postgraduate 60th Anniversary Scholarship

The University of York is offering a new scholarship to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The scholarships are awarded to international students to support them to achieve their goals at the University of York. There are a number of awards offering a £5,000, £7,500 or £10,000 tuition fee discount.


All postgraduate taught students will be automatically considered and successful awardees will be notified in two rounds on 21 April 2023 and 7 July 2023, based on the date of application.



To be eligible for a Postgraduate 60th Anniversary scholarship, you must:

be an International or EU student


have a conditional or unconditional offer to study at the University of York by 2 April 2023 (round one) or 18 June 2023 (round two) (you don’t need to have accepted the offer)


be paying fees at the overseas fee rate (any fee assessments must be completed by 2 April 2023 (round one) or 18 June 2023 (round two)


intend to study a full-time postgraduate taught masters course.

For more information regarding these scholarships, apply by CLICKING HERE.


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