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Going for your PhD at a highly remarkable university like the Central European University (CEU) is definitely something that most students around the globe do fantasize about. It is already an unarguable fact that Europe has some of the most outstanding universities in the entire world.


The University of Oxford, Copenhagen University, University of Cambridge, Central European University, Utrecht University and University of London are just a few out of several other top-class universities we have in Europe.


Looking at these universities mentioned above and also those that weren’t even mentioned, there is one particular university that always seems to stand out with a significant presence and that is the Central European University. Just so you know, this wonderful university is known to be part of the most respectable universities in Europe and also around the world.


If you are reading this right now and you are unto the idea of going for your PhD at the Central European University, this article will be of immense benefit to you. You may be currently asking questions about how much it costs to study there or how you can be able to cut down costs at this university but worry less, because this article is here to offer the help you need.


But just before we move any further into details, let’s discuss on why you should pick the Central European University as a place to go for your PhD.


Why Choose The Central European University?

The Central European University is a private research university located in Austria (Vienna) that has always been known for its reputable high standards, brilliant students, skilled tutors, lots of successful alumni and many other feats that keeps it atop. Since its establishment back in 1991, this great university has done well to produce lots of brilliant minds who have changed today’s world in one way or the other.


Currently, the Central European University harbours over a thousand students and over 800 of them are postgraduate students in different fields of study. Lots of these students are international students from different parts of the world who are there for several academical purposes.


Going for your PhDs and research degrees at a university like this would definitely help you start or continue your research in a field you’re passionate about. You can also freely decide what you work on, how you work on it and how you get there, with guidance and support from a supervisory team.


With these, one is able to make a world-first discovery, create innovation with lasting impact and also shine a new light on important topics.


The Central European University has been known to be one of the top universities that students always opt for when it comes to furthering their studies. The issue here for some of the aspiring students is that financial hardship poses a threat to their education and is huge setback for them.


Due to this and many other money-related problems, some of these students unfortunately have to close down their dreams of studying at a university like this.


If you know you are up and ready a PhD at the Central European University but you do not have the financial strength to bear the weight of costs for accommodation, tuition and other expenses related to studying, there are several scholarships to assist and help you out. With these scholarships, you and other fellow students can now get the chance to go for their research/taught PhD degrees without worrying much about expenses.


If you are reading this now, you should be very much interested in the scholarship programs that the Central European University has to offer. Some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


1. CEU Doctoral Scholarships

The Central European University has an international reputation for high-quality postgraduate education delivered in a research-led environment. Each year, this university strives to attract the very best graduates worldwide for the university’s doctoral program.


If you are eligible enough, you can actually get the chance to become an awardee of this helpful scholarship.


Candidates who apply by the financial aid deadline are automatically considered for the CEU Doctoral Scholarship, covering the full cost of tuition, complete with a monthly stipend to assist with housing and living costs as well as health insurance.


The benefits of this scholarship includes:

Doctoral Stipend – 1,680 EUR/gross/month (=1,350 EUR/net/month for students who have no other taxable income)*


you should also note that PhD stipends are taxable in Austria as PhD students are considered as new self-employed individuals in Austria, and they have to file their own taxes and register at the national SVS insurance provider.


Doctoral students receive a monthly stipend to help with housing and living expenses. Each student is responsible for securing accommodation for themselves.


Just so you know, the CEU Doctoral Scholarship is awarded for a period of 48 months in total.

To apply for Ceu Doctoral Scholarship, do well to CLICK HERE.


2. Commonwealth PhD Scholarships

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships are for candidates from least developed countries and fragile States in the Commonwealth, for full-time doctoral study. These scholarships actually contribute to the development needs of Commonwealth countries by supporting research that will have a developmental impact.


They also enhance individual teaching and research capacity leading to increase institutional capacity in academic and other sectors in Commonwealth countries. If you eventually become a successful awardee of this scholarship, you get to enjoy benefits which includes: tuition fee coverage, monthly stipend, approved airfare from your home country.



To be eligible for the Commonwealth PhD scholarships, you must:

be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country


be available to start academic studies by the start of the academic year


by September 2023, hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) honours standard, or a second class degree (2:2) and a relevant postgraduate qualification (usually a Master’s degree).


NOT be registered for a PhD, or an MPhil leading to a PhD, before September/October 2023


be unable to afford to study without this scholarship


have provided all supporting documentation in the required format.

To apply for Commonwealth phd scholarships CLICK HERE.

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