Theta network, Theta token & Tfuel explained

Will Theta Network become the new YouTube of the decentralized world? Tune in as we go behind the scenes with Theta Token and Tfuel.

00:00 Intro: Theta Crypto
01:04 Theta Network: decentralized video streaming
01:36 Theta Token & Theta Coin staking
01:52 Theta Fuel TFUEL
02:32Theta & Ethereum
02:48 First Theta Network dApp:
03:01 Theta NFT News, Theta NFT drop
03:13 Theta Coin Samsung
04:29 Closing: Theta Crypto Future

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Theta network, Theta token & Tfuel explained with Layah Heilpern



  1. Theta has had Nothing but Bullish🐂 News since early April (hitting Every Single Milestone✅ on its Roadmap🗓). Each day brings us closer to Global🌎Adaption. Analysts are suggesting that temporary fears😱 about the Crypto market in general are nearing an end🧱 (along with the reign of the US Dollar💵). When this happens, ALL that have held Strong💪 with Top Cryptos as a Backup will Lead the way as a Transfer of Wealth takes place!💰

  2. Exodus… you might consider upgrading your microphone, its almost impossible to hear you, sounds like you are speaking through a Treble only microphone that has low volume and low bitrate… Good content although I couldn't watch the entire video, my ears were hurting due to the crappy microphone sound.

  3. come on exodus…Theta Network is not built on Ethereum, they started on Ethereum in 2017 but it was too slow and too expensive to be functional so they paused the project to build out their own ridiculously fast blockchain which they are now utilizing. They have build a bridge to eth so the two are compatible.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word. Theta is not a streaming competitor!! Please gain better knowledge, else you are hurting the project..
    Theta is providing the new age infrastructure for companies like YouTube, twitch, Amazon, Netflix etc.. It guarantees 8k streaming and low costs infrastructure for them. is for advertising and testing. Of course it can becoma a platform on its own someday, but there's no place right now for additional streaming platforms.

  5. Theta and Tfuel are the future, bandwidth is being used up at an over accelerated unsustainable rate with the rise of Digital Assets and AI. Theta is expanding to smart contracts as well as defi, it will be the solution once Mainnet 3.0 is launched on June 30th. Load up on both Theta and Tfuel now as when it takes off it's going Vertical.

  6. As far as I know…theta is not build on ethereum… they have their own blockchain…hence the reason for e.g. implementing their mainnet3.0 on june 30th, which is a major thing to stake tfuel for high rewards…
    Just saying 🙂

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