VeChain 2021: VET crypto (VTHO)

What is VeChain? A unique blockchain-based solution for enterprise, find out who uses VeChain and how. Vechain and VeThor have a unique relationship and an interesting consensus protocol. How much VeChain do you need to earn VTHO? Layah Heilpern digs in to take a look at what’s in store for VeChain 2021.

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VeChain 2021: VET crypto (VTHO) with Layah Heilpern



  1. Was given VTHO today, omg, super hard to trade in the USA, however, twist my arm, got VET but expensive because I got it in Bitcoin, on the dip… But, 1000+ VET should be an ok start for now. I'm trying to figure out the passive income thing… Once I understand it, I'll actually move real money around… Just started today and I'm already a grand into it…

  2. I see that you added Polkadot to Exodus. I currently have my Dot staked on Kraken. If Exodus will allow its customers to stake Dot, I'm sure that you'll have people like me send Dot over to Exodus.

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