Wallstreetbets DAO, Uniswap v3, and Dogecoin news

The stock revolution continues as r/wallstreetbets may be moving to the blockchain. Exodus sets record Reg A fundraise, Uniswap v3 is live, and Dogecoin is still howling at the moon. Crypto is on a rampage and will not be stopped.

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Cryptocurrency news: Wallstreetbets DAO, Uniswap v3, and Dogecoin news with Kris Merkel



  1. I love ur vids! dudes, what about ZooKeeper? I ve heard about an active and dedicated community that is always eager to help newcomers like me get started. So waiting for some predictions from u

  2. Back in 2016 JP gave anyone 25,000 Doge to test the wallet! And he gave away even more for feedback (29,000!!!). THANK YOU! 👐
    After 1.5 year Exodus dropped support for Dogecoin and it made me a bit sad 😢 I remember being super happy when you re-added it 🤣

    Exodus has been the best crypto wallet from the start! And I'm really mad at myself for not getting Exodus shares 😒

    Keep up the excellent work! And thank you for making such a good wallet!!
    Send some love to JP

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