What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland is a virtual world similar to Second Life and the Sims built on blockchain. Venture with us as we take a look at what makes Decentraland gameplay standout from the rest.

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  1. Everything a central city needs to build a post-national backbone: energy, materials, equipment, etc., can be rented or purchased in cash, or secured with mortgages. Began to talk about building, farms, factories, buildings, gas, circuit pipelines, railways, highways, Bridges, airports, shopping malls, meetings, and so on, the worker's labor remuneration, working time setting, farm grows earnings, the algorithm of the materials needed to build, the whole city consumption calculation, etc., countries, states, county boundaries

  2. I appreciate the style of @decentraland. The team has created cartoons, cartoons and distributed land, which are a good foundation for subsequent production. Because the space of the imagination is infinite, teams can bring more than economic satisfaction to the discovery of the metasverse by making a stronger collaborative team. Decentraland has a bright future. As the origin of everything, land is inseparable from people. Virtual space is the construction of virtual characters

  3. The author needs to spend a lot of time to choose the material model to build the map. Is it possible for the land buyer and the early players to cooperate in the construction of a whole area, while the team provides all kinds of models, materials, metals and tools needed for the construction? For example, moving up from (county, town) as a unit (state, country) saves the team time to think about space. Urban units only land, all resources, manufacturing should start from scratch, human development so far, on the vast land, access to water, electricity, minerals, oil and gas, manufacturing so far

  4. So it's a knock off of Second Life in every single way except a tiny user base and different coin and far worse graphics?

    I'm sure this will change with time but it'd be easier for Linden Labs to update Second Life. Of course people like what's new. Right now this is shit but give it 20 years and it'll be ok, if someone else doesn't come up with the exact same idea, like what already exists all over the place and multinational companies are putting literally billions of dollars each into creating. (Metaverse)

  5. Will users eventually be able to see other users that are on different servers? Is that the eventual goal? That sounds absolutely awesome to me. I’m not much of a game player but I would have so much fun meeting random people from all over the world while freely roaming within a digital decentralized realm.

  6. I feel the currency set up has the potential to cut a lot of people out of using Decentraland….I haven't had the chance to jump in and look around, but just from the video alone it seems that the cost of land is going to be prohibitive…on top of that, the block chain currency seems to be quite unstable…I suspect a lot of people are interested purely from a speculative angle, i.e. they are just in it to make money, not necessarily to build communities that people want to be part of. I might be wrong, but in addition to the graphics it just doesn't seem to be that appealing at the moment (I've been in SL for 15 years and am now enjoying VRChat and Final Fantasy XIV)

  7. to update/inform people correctly, no people are not walking around in different servers this is one worldwide server, there are now thousands who log in daily. <3

  8. Cool idea. Graphics looks really bad. When they upgrade in the future will everyone have to start over. Will they even upgrade? if I buy a really good spot next to a great location. Is it really that great of a spot if there are more then one instance. Meaning that I don't own my spot on that other instance. So every instance that is added would mean my spot is worth less money.

  9. Check out the VeVe app on your phone! Just Wait! The VeVe-Verse is coming soon!! The quality of the NFTs are insane compared to any other platform and VeVe has DC, Marvel, Pokémon, and so many more licenses its insane! Started as a flipper n I got addicted to collecting Sets and have made so much just HODLing🙃🤑

  10. I come from the future. It's June 19, 2021 and Altcoin Daily YouTube channel (with 846K subscribers) just reported in their June 18, 2021 video at 11:47: "An Estate (an NFT of a set of land) in virtual world Decentraland just sold for nearly 1 million dollars worth of native token MANA, the game's Ethereum-based cryptocurrency ." The future is definitely digital.

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