What is DeFi explained in 60 seconds #shorts

What is Decentralized Finance, and why is it important to the future of cryptocurrency? DeFi explained in less than a minute!

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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What is DeFi? Decentralized finance with Layah Heilpern



  1. mate, this inflation of the dollar and the fall of bitcoin, so the extra currency is most likely destroyed. I am far from new to the crypto space and have already found a fast and secure blockchain ecosystem from the @DaisyProtocol team for my investments.

  2. perfect video, bro! Can you advise me on SMAUGS NFT? Sounds fantastic, the product looks wonderful. It allows you to sell your digital investments as NFT tokens in the digital sea. Sounds smooth, huh? Should I invest?

  3. Considering using Exodus wallet? Let me tell you that Exodus is completely unsafe! My Exodus wallet was hacked into and coins worth $ 5,500 were stolen. I am a tech guy and my computer is well protected. I monitor it every day and keep it safe from any spyware and malware. My password is very strong and used by me solely for the use of the Exodus wallet and I have never given it or revealed it to anyone. I was very disappointed to find out that my wallet had been broken into so easily – not to mention (and I dare say) that maybe it was an inside work. Be aware!

  4. fella, you’d better add some humor to your videos. Also, what do ya think of StormGain? They have a free app where ya can exchange tokens and also ya can mine with any device you have! Sounds smooth, huh?

  5. really cool short and to the point. advice for the future: don't open so much your eyes, i know with all the videos is easy to do it without noticing but i feel like you're going to kill me after 15sec of video xD

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