What is Ripple XRP? XRP Explained

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What is Ripple XRP? Are Ripple and XRP synonymous?

XRP is a popular cryptocurrency that has been around a lot longer than people may think. This video goes over the XRP coin use case and Ripple’s role as an XRP steward.

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What is Ripple XRP? XRP Explained, chapters:

0:00 Introduction: Ripple and XRP are two different things
0:58 The merger that created Ripple: RipplePay merges with Open Coin
1:10 What is Ripple: Ripple provides a fintech enterprise solution for financial institutions allowing them move currencies across borders faster and more reliably on the RIpple Network.
1:35 How Does RippleNet Help Financial Institutions: RippleNet is faster than Bitcoin and can settle transactions within seconds.
1:57 How Does RippleNet work: Ripple uses the XRP ledger blockchain to track, process and guarantee all transactions.
2:08 Ripple Transactions & Power Consumption: Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple does not have a concept of mining, allowing XRP transaction fees to be low.
2:58 Ripple Advantages: Ripple is AML compliant, with fraud detection, sanction screening, and regulatory reporting in place.
3:26 What is the XRP Token: XRP provides On-Demand Liquidity for financial service providers within the Ripple network.

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What is XRP Ripple with Layah Heilpern



  1. So why do people provide Nodes? They have to maintain a computer and provide the electricity. Since they're not mining, they're not getting paid for their work. I don't understand why anyone would take on this task.

  2. Its about to go to the moon, especially now that Robert Jackson video has surfaced obliterating Claytons "personal comments". Lets see the SEC crawl back into its shell and XRP hit $500 very soon 🙂

  3. When someone in US wants to send money to UK. USD is changed to XRP and when the recipient receives XRP he/she will change to GBP? What if, and what if the amount is big and no one wants to buy XRP with GBP? Or I am getting it wrong somewhere?

  4. Ask them why you can't take all your xrp from the wallet??? They keep 20 of your xrp if you try and move it from the wallet, if you try and exchange xrp they will keep 20 of your xrp and charge you 100 dollars to do it

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