What is Tether (USDT)?

USDT Tether explained in simple terms. Tether USDT is the most widely used crypto stablecoin by individuals and institutions alike. But what is the digital dollar backed by? Tune in to find out.

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  1. Golds not fact checked so I’d back tether.
    Me: I just sold my shib by accident but into usdt so I’m gonna have to transfer back to usd then to US dollar haha annoying lol 😂
    Idk if that is what ur supposed to do tho idk I can see how if I hit shib usdt not sell shib for usdt : what’s the difference there ??
    Sorry if that’s confusing. This is a little confusing to me to begin with haha 😂

  2. Hello I saw there are two network for transferring ustd we can use one is Eth and another one is trx, May I know what is the difference between the two? Which one is more reliable ? Thank you

  3. It seems that Tether has loaned half of it's reserves to Evergrande, a massive Chinese real estate company about to default on hundreds of billions in debt. I would think Tether will be worth nothing in a few weeks. At least that's what I've gathered in a few minutes of research. How this affects the cryptocurrency at large? I don't have a clue. Certainly interesting if nothing else.

  4. Why NOT you use USDT ( TRC-20) as fee of TRC-20 is more cheaper then ERC-20?
    I would appreciate if your wallet use this TRC-20 too as every Exchange Wallet is now using it

  5. Nice video 💖💝very engaging from beginning to the end. In 2 to 3 years time people will be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity not buying I'm investing in cryptocurrency

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