What is Tron TRX? (Tron coin)

What is Tron Trx? Learn about the Tron blockchain and Tron coin, TRX. While Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, tends to receive criticism for his over the top hype style, there’s no doubt that the Tron ecosystem is growing. Tron’s partnerships with Samsung, oBike, Steemit, and BitTorrent are a testament to Tron’s growth. And TRX is the Tron coin powering it all.

For a quick read on Tron TRX, our friend’s at DeCrypt have an article on it here: https://decrypt.co/resources/tron

What is Decentralized Finance? https://www.exodus.io/blog/what-is-defi/

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  1. Very interesting video! question: tron is growing at 3blocks per second. is that right? how will this project survive with projects like dfinity's internet computer that infinitely scale and is currently growing at 20bps?

  2. first of all this is one of the most streight to the point videos iveseen on youtube, very clear and easy to listion to/ follow, thankyou for that. Im attracted to tron for its fundamentals, but also cautious over some of the stunts ive heard them pull to trick people into buying. I personally think Tron will do well dispite some of the rumors and hope that any investments I make through the crypto market can help facilitate the revolution in a positive way. Babylon will fall, and we the people will rise united through the networks of decentralised democracy through blockchain technology.

  3. You talk about oBike in the present tense. It WAS a Singapore-registered stationless bicycle-sharing system. It launched in Singapore in February 2017, and ceased operation in 2018, filing for bankruptcy. Before withdrawing from Singapore, it transferred deposits owed to the Singapore users to its sister company in China. They are currently under investigation for fraud by the Singapore Police Force.

  4. DON'T USE EXODUS. If you want your money to be safe never use exodus it's completely unsafe. Do your research there is many cases when people lost all their assets with this wallet. Most of them assume it's an inside job because there is to many "coincidences".

  5. Are you serious 🧐 ,so on Exodus you can exchange eth.btc.mxr.cardano etc to bittorent and then when you figure out that Bittorent basically just a SCAM founded by a Scammer 🤔 hmm you will exchange it again ,after clicking on exchange. “The tron network requires a small amount of TRX to start this exchange,Deposit TRX on your wallet then try again “. If you trust them buy ! Me after that I even don’t trust Exodus anymore.

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