What is UMA crypto?

UMA is an open-source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts using smart contracts and blockchain technology. UMA’s goal is to bring derivatives to Ethereum so that anyone, regardless of where they live, can trade the financial instruments they want to.

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Exodus was created for visionaries looking to depart the traditional financial system.

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What is UMA crypto with Layah Heilpern



  1. Can we get a video comparing the pros and cons of Synthetix and UMA? There is nothing online and quite frankly the platforms are too complicated for all but highly technical individuals to understand which platform may corner the sector.

  2. I bought this coin because of the name. After I bought it I put it on my ledger and kinda forgot about it for a while. Lucky for me I only 10x as it stands now. Now I’m doing some more research about UMA. The team is solid and this project has good future potential. See you at the moon everybody. Cheers!!!!

  3. Hey Layah, excellent video on UMA. Thanks for the very informative explanation. Love your content as alway. I got some UMA months ago (when it was still 17 dollars a piece). I think UMA has massive potential and could easily do a 10x.

  4. Hey i have a question. Why does Exodus charge 4-7% or an exchange. I used it really often but sinc i started to exchange while peacks. And it is so expensive that i couldnt do the exchange. Because i have to exchange it 2 times what could get in a loss of 14% !!!!! I mobed everthing from Exodus thats just robbing money nothing else. I loced the wallet in the first place.

  5. Please! Bring back the other guy! She's pretty but for ppl like me who understand better the American English language, it's become more difficult and annoying to listen to her. I understand pretty much everything she says but I find her accent, timing and voice so annoying. Also the background the other guy used looked so exodus-like.

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